Business & Transactional Practice

Running a group practice or an entity practice requires legal advice that is business savvy and that takes into account the intricacies of health law. Whether you are just incorporating or have been running your group or practice for a while, The Stewart Firm puts at your service years of multi-jurisdictional and healthcare-specific transactional and business experience.

  • Entity Formation & Asset Protection

Starting a practice as a group may seem like an easy endeavor. You may even have selected an affordable form service provider instead of a law firm to prepare your organizational documents and filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State yourselves. At the same time, the form may have failed to address certain nuances of your group's agreement. The form software may also have omitted dispute resolution and majority vote provisions from your paperwork. While you all may be thinking in unison at the outset, it is inevitable that the disagreements will occur sooner or later between you and your colleagues. Without a well-written resolution procedure, this may prove fatal to the future of your group. Worse still, one of the physicians may leave as a result and set up a rival practice nearby, which may adversely affect your business prospects. Regardless of the situation you are in, our firm will accommodate all your legal needs. Unlike many of our colleagues, we are not averse to the form service providers. In fact, having an initial document to work with may result in cost and time savings for your practice. We will review your current organizational documents free of charge or prepare a new package tailored just for your practice's current and future needs in order to preserve your assets and protect individual physicians to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

  • Transactional Practice

Physician group's or solo practice's transactional needs are unlike those of any other business. Compared to, for example, a utility service provider, you have to go an extra step to remain compliant with the law and retain the right to receive reimbursements from the government. Not only will you need a BAA in place for every third-party provider prior to entering into an agreement with them; you will also require particular legal scrutiny of all dealings with your affiliates and even your own group members. Our firm possesses the required experience and knowledge to address all those challenges and make your day-to-day operations seamless, simple, and fully compliant with the law.