International Transactions

Just like any other agreement, an international contract is made of basic building blocks - terms, conditions, clauses, etc. As your trusted international partner, we will help you select those building blocks that are more than just the "right fit" for the agreement from the legal standpoint. Our goal is to work with you to formulate a contract that also reflects your true business objectives and protects you from liability to the maximum extent permitted by all jurisdictions that your transaction touches.

As attorneys with a true international background, we will:

  • Help you select the most favorable legal regime for your transaction;
  • Work with you, your business partners, and your entire advisory team on selecting the best delivery terms for your contract;
  • Spell out your entire agreement to minimize the potential adverse impact that international trade customs, such as any version of INCOTERMS, if the terms so warrant, or any of the General Conditions of Deliveries, if the trade with Russia is involved, may have on it;
  • Ensure that property rights to the subject matter of your transaction are clearly defined, so that there is no uncertainty as to the moment when the risks pass from one party to another;
  • Depending on the objectives of your contract, help you choose between international commercial arbitration and state court system;
  • Negotiate alongside you or on your behalf with the opposing counsel and parties involved;
  • Facilitate compliance with national regulations if certain types of negotiable instruments are used as a form of payment or as evidence of carriage;
  • If the goods protected by intellectual property law are transferred, ensure the maximum protection for your IP rights in all jurisdictions where performance takes place;
  • Perform due diligence that is proper for the type of the transaction and business area involved;
  • Monitor performance of all parties and proactively advise you of any faults in your or your partners' adherence to the terms of the agreement; and
  • Assist you in complying with export-import, OFAC, and similar national and foreign regulations.