Practitioner & Staff Employment

Solo or group practice, you will require staff members to assist you with day-to-day running and operations. Nurses, hygienists, receptionists, assistants, and other non-physician employees of your practice will need, depending on their training and many other factors, at least a handbook to refer to when dealing with work-related matters. And when it comes to your physicians or dentists, you may want to make sure that their employment or membership duties are meticulously spelled out to avoid any future misunderstandings.

  • Practitioners

Depending on the agreement between you and your existing members, your physicians or dentists may be either the employees or the members of your practice entity. Either option entails specific rights and duties, which have to be put into a written agreement. Whenever a practitioner leaves, a separate agreement is required to ensure a clean and painless separation of the departing colleague from the practice. Oftentimes, it also befalls upon the practice to give notices to the patients of the practitioner's departure. Furthermore, it is certainly in the practice's best interests, especially if the practice is large enough, to have medical or dental peer review procedures in place and well spelled out, to preserve the quality-of-care matters in-house and to safeguard the confidentiality of your members. At The Stewart Firm, we have the experience and capacity to serve all those and many other needs of your practice related to practitioners' membership and employment.

  • Staff

Employing non-licensed staff facilitates your practice's day-to-day operations. At the same time, it exposes the practice to certain risks that otherwise would not be present. In order to avert those risk, a focused legal advice is required. Handbooks, policies, manuals, group benefit agreements, disputes, and EEOC claims are among many staff employment issues that our firm would be glad to help your practice with.