Physician & Dentist Employment

Matters of physician and dentist employment are frequently overlooked until the very end of practice's life cycle or until your separation from the practice. At The Stewart Firm, we understand the importance of memoralizing the terms of your agreements in writing. While joining an established group or practice may seem to be lucrative and exciting, it is in the best interest of both yourself and the group or practice you are joining to have a contract that would stipulate the terms of your engagement at the outset.

  • Joining a Practice

Whether you are being invited to join a practice as a full entity member or as an employee, our firm will ensure that your contract is free of small print and put into clear and concise terms that are most favorable to you. It is necessary to negotiate and include the provisions covering your hourly commitment to teaching, CME/Dental CE and licensing fees reimbursement, and even such trivial things as tail insurance coverage, which may only be relevant at the time you leave the practice. Most importantly, in the case of physicians, you have to be aware of any non-compete clauses that may inhibit your future admitting privileges at the hospitals where you had been practicing prior to the termination.

  • Hospital Agreements

As an accomplished practitioner, you certainly have engagements with multiple hospitals, be they non-profit, for-profit, or physician-owned. If you are negotiating on your own behalf, rather than as a part of a group, our firm will ensure that you have the legal backing sufficient to have your interests fully protected. We will make certain that your on-call duties and hours are clearly spelled out, that you do not spend most of your time in the hospital performing supervisory or administrative tasks, and that you and your patients have a recourse in cases where the nursing care adversely affects the outcome of the treatment.

  • Privileged Communications & Peer Review

When representing you, we will proactively advise you on the issues of peer review and protected communications. Almost every hospital has bylaws and policies in place that are designed to ensure that the quality-of-care and medical committee communications and documents remain privileged. However, those documents and communications are the most prized pieces of discovery that plaintiffs' attorneys invariably try to go after in any malpractice litigation. It is often matters of procedure, verbiage, and handling of the information that prove to be decisive in discovery disputes concerning privileged materials. The same applies to dental peer review and its documents. Our firm will advise you on the matters of preserving the privilege over the information that you would want protected ahead of time, in order to keep confidential licensing and quality-of-care  issues the way they are meant to be kept - confidential.

  • Practice Divisions & Termination

If you decide to part ways with your group or practice, our firm will also have your back. We will negotiate and memorialize the most favorable separation terms to secure a full and complete reimbursement for the patient services that you provided to practice's patients during the term of your engagement. We will also review the terms of your tail coverage and draft your contract in a way that the coverage stays in place long after any applicable statute of limitations expires.