Business & Entity Formation

Healing people is a noble calling that requires a full-time commitment to excellence and care. It is also a business that provides income and livelihood to you and your family. At The Stewart Firm, we fully understand the need to proactively protect you as an individual from legal and regulatory pitfalls that may adversely affect your practice. We will work with your CPAs and financial advisors to optimize the monetary benefits that you receive from your practice and to protect the most valuable assets of your business.

  • Business Structuring

Devising an individualized entity structure that is tailored to the needs of your practice is a vital starting point of having a medical service business. Whether you intend to run it as a solo practitioner or incorporate with your peers, we will ensure that your new endeavor starts and runs smoothly and seamlessly throughout its intended lifetime.

  • Entity Formation

After the structuring and planning stages are complete, the legal frame of your practice needs to be solidified. Our firm will draft all necessary organizational documents that define the relationship between the entities in your business structure and timely file the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State.

  • Partnerships & Member Additions

Businesses, medical and dental practices being no exception, are started with the view to growing. Sooner or later, your successful endeavor may become too large for you to handle alone, with the patient coverage and referral bases expanding and exceeding your capabilities. As your trusted advisor, our firm will help you negotiate and document the admission of a new member into your business, on your terms. We will make sure that you retain the controlling interest in your entities, that your assets remain protected, and that your liabilities do not increase as a result of having somebody new working for you.

  • Forms & Policies

Even the most basic forms used in your day-to-day practice need to be reviewed by an attorney. For instance, a poorly-drafted informed consent form may result in a barrage of malpractice litigation costing you money and time you could have spent with your patients. The same applies to hospital policies that you are often called upon to draft. Our firm will prepare forms and policies that are compliant with the requirements of the law and regulatory bodies to provide an extra layer of protection for you and your practice.